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Kids play at Lake Rawl­ings

Two kids play along the shores of Lake Rawlings in Brunswick County, Va. (Copyright © 2006 David M. Lawrence)

MECHANICSVILLE, Va. — My name is Dave Lawrence. For most of my life, I have lived a double life as a journalist and scientist, with both tracks separate, and most of the focus on science.

About 15 years ago, I decided to try to combine the two into one — to become a science journalist — but as with my previous efforts, the attempt to combine the two did not work out as planned.  Both tracks were still largely separate, and most of the focus was on science, either as a researcher, environmental manager, or teacher.

The frustration over my inability to focus on writing burst its banks in the past few months. That frustration, coupled with my growing inability to get along with college administrators, has inspired me to write more. Over the past few months, I have finished my second book, been awarded a contract for a third, and filed two substantial feature articles for the journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases.

With the new book contract and other writing commitments, I have plenty to do, but there is one thing I haven’t done to my satisfaction — my ideal job, which is writing about the environment and the outdoors.

This brings me to The Chickahominy Report.

The Chickahominy Report will be a blog that I hope fills a niche — to report on environmental research and policy developments, with a focus on the Mid-Atlantic region. I cannot promise unbiased coverage on these virtual pages, but I do promise to tell you the truth as I see it: a truth derived from evidence and the application of the scientific method rather than unquestioned assumption and dogma. I will try to save any rants for my personal blog, Notes from the Abyss. I likewise promise to be as timely as my chaotic and disorganized life allows.

I hope this experiment proves worthwhile. It should at least be fun.

— David M. Lawrence

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